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Stretch Run, Love in a Barrel, Heart of the Bluegrass, Splendor in the Grass
Love is a Rose, Grand Prix, Port of Call, Old Mill Stream
Springtime in Kentucky, Cat Gazing, Run for the Roses, In the Doghouse
Beginnings, Kentucky Quilt Barn, Flight into Egypt, Love is Forever
On the Fence, Faith, Cat Fishin', Serenity
Dragonfly, Humingbird, Staying Cool, Solitude
Ligntning on the Plains, Never Alone, The Ascension, Dressage

Abbey Road, Bridge of Sighs


5 x 7s
Dragon Fly, For Love of the Game, Love is Forever, Praying Hands
Freedom, Humming Bird, Diamonds are a Girs's Best Friend, Miracle on Ice

Big Animals
A King's Profile , Bearreling Over the Water, Deadly Duo, Lion Cub
Splendor in the Grass, Standing Alone, Tiger in the Water, Tree Top Leopard

Cat Fishin', Cat Gazing, Kittyearful, Love in a Barrel, Love in a Barrel
On the Fence, Peeping Tom

By the Light of the Moon, Deerly Loved

Staying Cool, Kittyearful, In the Doghouse, Flower Puppy

Springtime in Kentucky, Stretch Run, Run for the Roses, Running Free
Heart of the Bluegrass, On the Fence, Grand Prix, Lightning on the Plains
Dressage, Dressage with Rider

Port of Call, Rocky Mountain Lighthouse

Love is a Rose, The Old Mill Stream, Summer Dreamin', Pumpkin Harvest
Days Gone Bye, Land of the Free, Fun at Sea, Innocence

Flight into Egypt, Snowy Christmas Morning, The Ascension, Star of Bethlehem
Never Alone

Solitude, Fogged In, Bavarain Castle, Snowy Christmas Morning
Port of Call, Rocky Mountain Lighthouse, Serenity, Bridge of Sighs - Venice, Italy
Big Sur, Mountain Retreat, Quilt Barn, Sailing in Rough Water
Pisa Italy

Silent Prey, Double Trouble


Bible Box with Ribbon, Cigar Box, Jewelry Box with Carved Lid, Kentucky Keepsake Box
Horse in Heart, Girl and a Duck, Hat with Bow, UK Trinket box
Heart Box


Necklaces, Bookmarks with Curvy Edges, Bookmarks with Round Tops


Clocks with Base Stands
Bent Mini Clock , Galloping Horse Clock, Golfer Clock, Lighthouse Clock
Running Horse Clock, UK With Clock (Cherry)

Mini Clocks
G-Clef Mini Clock, Saxaphone Mini Clock, Teapot with Clock Magnet, Trumpet Mini Clock
Guitar Mini Clock on Stand

Wall Clocks
Angel Wall Clock, Colt and Mare Clock (cherry wood) , Colt and Mare Clock (Walnut wood), Praying Hands Clock


Maple Leaf Coasters (set of 4), UK Coasters (set of 4), Turkey Napkin Rings ,Snowman Napkin Rings
Apple Magnet (Insert your photo), U of L Coasters (set of 4), Daisy Magnet (Insert your photo), UK Keepsake
Western Guitar Stand, Patriotic America Pride, Patriotic - God Bless America, Patriotic - Stars and Stripes


Camel Scene , Candle with Holly, Mare & Colt ,Gift Box
Horse in Heart, Nativity Teardrop, Piano, Sleigh
Teddy with Cane, UK Ornament, Noel, Merry Christmas Wreath
Santa 's Flying Sleigh, Candy Cane, Rejoice Wreath, Guitar
Angel Holding Dove, Angel Puppy, Doggy in the Dog House, Cat Batting Christmas Ball
Two Cats in Heart, Candle in Window, A Plus Apple, Mary and Joseph
Navy, US Marine Corp, US Air Force, Army
Horse and Carriage, Kentucky, Snowman, Horse
Train, Paw, Cute Merry Christmas Bear, Bells with Bow


Cat and Birds in Heart, Cat Face with Whiskers , Cat in Pot, Flaming Mane Horse
Kentucky State, Last Supper, Native American Plaque, Roped Horse and Colt
Wolf in Bark, Koala Bear, Angel, Old Man Log
Winter Wilderness