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Mick is a self-taught scroll saw artist. His work is greatly influenced by the beauty of the Kentucky heartland. All portraits are his original designs. Mick’s pieces are hand-cut using a scroll saw, no laser or computer-controlled cutting is found in any of his work.

Mick enjoys the satisfaction of creating art from a piece of wood. You could say the wood is his canvas and the scroll saw is his brush.

Mick uses birch wood for his portraits, found in Europe and Western Asia, due to its strength and durability which is necessary for such intricate work. He applies a black felt backing to each piece when finished. This combination of the light colored wood and the dark background lends itself well to the silhouette effect he is creating.

The final product is a unique piece of Kentucky inspired fine artwork that can be enjoyed for generations.

Mick also cuts a wide variety of other wood items, such as; plaques, clocks, and ornaments. All items are cut from quality hardwoods and have natural finishes.


All products are made of the highest quality hardwoods
Samples of the types of hardwoods we most commonly use are shown below

Wood Colors and Grains will vary from piece to piece.
You will see the variety in color and grain between pieces of the same wood but cut from different boards.

Cherry Walnut Hard Maple Mahogany

All Products are hand-crafted using a scroll saw. They are then hand-sanded, dipped in linseed oil (which brings out the grain and seals the wood) and then coated with clear polyurethane to preserve and protect the finish. We never apply stain to our hand crafted pieces; we believe the natural finish is the most beautiful. Ribbons, backings, bases, and quartz clocks are added as needed.